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September is back to school!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

September marks the opening of classes in the Philippines. And since we are in a pandemic, classes are never the same and will be different for quite a while.

Schools from all over the country adopt a new normal approach by offering blended, modular, and distance learning classes. For those who have access to a stable internet connection like in the capital of Manila and nearby regions, classes are made available online. For far-away provinces, where students have limited access online, manuals that they can use as aids while studying at home, are given. Their parents or guardians will be the ones to help them in the process but teachers will still do the assessment.

But even with all of the restrictions, RTV Foundations together with Dev Partners, will continue to do its part by helping the community keep it together… especially for our scholars.

Just recently, the foundation distributed school supplies to all of its scholars. The foundation will also take part in the Brigada Eskwela run by the Department of Education. Through the program, the foundation will donate face masks, hygiene kits, and other safety kits to our adopted school where our scholars are studying. These schools are the Ganatan Elementary School and Ganatan High School, both located in the province of North Cotabato in Mindanao.

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