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Dev Partners launches donation drive for the typhoon-hit Rizal

Dev Partners, through RTV Foundation last November, organized a donation drive with proceeds given to the survivors of Typhoon Ulysses that heavily devastated the Luzon area in the Philippines.

The Typhoon Ulysses, classified as the deadliest typhoon to ever hit the country this year, caused major flooding in Luzon areas including Rizal and Marikina located in Metro Manila and Cagayan in the Northernmost part. Residents from this area were mostly caught up by surprise as they did not expect the water to rise quickly. The situation caused them to climb on their roof, call for help, and wait to be rescued.

Dev Partners raised a total of 200,000 pesos to help our kababayans greatly affected by the typhoon. The company was also able to gather good in-kind and distribute personally to the needy. Half of the total collection had been donated to 500 families in 11 different locations in Marikina and Rizal while the other half went to the Cagayan victims. Each relief pack contained essential items like canned goods, noodle packs, hand soap, rice, sachets of powdered drinks, diapers for babies, face masks, face shields, and blankets.

The amount collected is a combined contribution from Dev Partners management, Dev Partners Christmas Party Fund, Dev Partners’ clients, employees, and friends or individuals outside the organization. Although it was advised ahead that Dev Partners will not hold any events for this year due to the pandemic, the Management Team has still decided to still pull out and make use of the Christmas Party budget for a good cause.

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