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Featured Team Member: Jim Adrian Francinilla

Jim Adrian Francinilla is our featured employee of the month. He is a single, 26 years old from the city of Davao. He is a "Microsoft Certified Professional" and an experienced .NET Web Application Developer specializing in C#, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Web API. He also specializes in Frontend Development using AngularJS.

Jim loves plastic models toys and assembles them as a hobby. He’s into HI-FI audio equipment as well. Not many people know but Jim is actually a good cook. In fact, he dreams of being trained by an esteemed chef and put up his restaurant someday.

On joining Dev Partners

Jim initially applied as a front-end developer back in June 2019, a few months after he left his job in Cebu. He officially started his Dev Partners career in November 2019 and has been working with the company since then.

He believes that you have to dedicate yourself in everything you do because half-hearted attempts in anything are never worthwhile. He motivates himself with his desire to always improve.

On the things he’s thankful for in the company

“DevPartners, as a company to work for, is great. I haven’t encountered anything that hinders or slows me down when doing my job. Everyone, including the management staff, are very much approachable and accommodating.”, Jim stressed. “I like and am thankful for the company culture. It feels very open and welcoming, and a lot less rigid. You don’t feel a sense of being unwelcomed when talking to seniors, or anyone else above your stature. You and your opinions and views are also very much respected. I came here half expecting a corporate setup or similar, where interactions with anyone higher in stature feel very artificial, so the entire experience of working with and just generally being with everyone else in the company feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air.”, he added.


What his client has to say

"Jim is excellent to work with, and a great member of the team, Jim's work hardly has any

mistakes, and he uses this time productively to check his work before submitting. I wish that all my team members were at the same level as Jim.”, Ash from Telemax said.

Jim is considered by his client as an excellent team member because he delivers quality work and uses his time productively to check his work before submitting it.

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