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Featured Team Member - Bension Calipayan, Jr.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

This is Bension Calipayan, Jr., our featured employee for the month of July. He is 28 years old and a father of a six-year-old boy. He came from the town of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Davao Del Sur. Bension is our front-end developer for TechStyle’s SavageX Fenty and currently, he is transitioning to another team and working on a bigger project for utilization of all TechStyle brands.

Fairness, respect, and integrity - these are the values that define Bension. He upholds these virtues and uses them as guidance both on his work and personal matters. He finds inspiration on small things, a hard working fellow, a great friend, a nice gesture from a stranger can inspire him on different levels.

Interests and hobbies

Bension enjoys outdoor activities and loves to go on camping, hiking and hitting the beach during his free time. His love for nature took him to the top of Philippines' highest peak - Mt. Apo. Our featured employee also has an artistic side which shows in his fondness in photography and music. He's a guitar hobbyist by the way.

How did he end up in this career?

As a child, Bension is always hooked to computers. This fascination and curiosity grew as he matured which lead him to take up Information Technology in college.

Since the year 2012, he has been working in this line of career. He has been to some startup companies doing back-end and front-end development while also doing some freelance jobs on the side.

His Dev Partners Story

How did he become part of the Dev Partners family?

Back in 2018, Dev Partners contacted him for a job opportunity. Although still employed at that time, he still applied for the position and went on for the interview and exams. Luck was not on his side at that time as he failed his one week practical exam and to top it off, he left his job and was on a hiatus for a few months. Thankfully, he got contacted again and this time, he passed. You could truly say that opportunity sometimes knocks twice. You just have to be ready!

To this date, he’s been enjoying his job and is doing really good at it. For him, it’s normal to have bad and good days on the job but overall he’s pretty confident at what he's doing and his performance. Though it’s another story having to start working again on another team, he is certain he could get through it.


What does he like most about his job?

The challenges, the quality of work, and the standard to adhere to. It gives me a reason to work hard and never stop learning. Somehow, it also helped me overcome personal insecurities and boost self confidence. I can’t be more than happy with the teams I’ve worked along with.

His most inspiring story with Dev Partners

The second chance that I got. It proves that it’s okay to fail, as long as you don’t stop trying. Cliche are cliche for a reason!

Things he's thankful for about being with Dev Partners

First, I’m thankful to DP for this opportunity to work with a great company that really cared for their employees and the never ending support. I would also like to thank my colleagues for being a team player themselves. Most importantly, I’m more than grateful for the development, both personal and professional, my work has imparted along.

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