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Featured Team Member - Isagani Quiño

Meet Isagani Quiño, our Featured Employee of the month. He is from Panabo City, Davao del Norte, married, and a father of a nine-year-old girl named Jianne.

Isagani sees himself as a simple man with a simple dream of having a good and successful career. Just as any father would hope, he aims to provide his family with everything they need and to secure their future. His main motivation is always his family and he aspires of having a good business to own a mansion someday for them.

Isagani believes that you should always keep your feet on the ground and always be yourself no matter what happens.

This awesome father also loves to do physical activities like basketball and biking and to sing. As a matter of fact, his wildest dream is to sing on live television. Isagani also has a soft spot for animals. He loves cats and dogs and got lots of them in his house as well as his mom’s house.

How did he end up in this career?

Isagani has been fond of coding since he was a student and always wishes to be in this line of work when he grows up. Luckily enough, a few years ago when Dev Partners was looking for a developer, our Executive Chief Officer Roland Votacion met with him via LinkedIn and that’s when he started his journey with our team.

He started as a senior database developer and eventually was able to do API coding and now a front-end developer himself. Isagani enjoys working with the team as most he already became friends with most of his colleagues. He believes that the challenges from his work that he faces everyday help him become the better developer and person that he is now.

His Dev Partners inspiring story

He loves that he never stops learning from his job and that every day, he gets to learn something new. He’s also turned on with the good practices of coding and pair programming with very experienced colleagues. As one of the pioneering developers of the company, Isagani became one of the mentors of those who were newly hired. He gets to share his knowledge and good practices with these new developers.

Things that he is thankful for at work

Isagani is very thankful for the knowledge and experiences he’s gained throughout his years with the team.

He also values every precious moment he’s spending with the team during work as well as outside work.


Final thoughts

Isagani is a great example of how passion and dedication would lead you to where you wanted to be and how your love for your family will provide you the added fuel you need to sustain your journey.

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