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Featured Team Member - Jhomel Fernandez

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Our featured employee of the month loves exploring the latest coding trends and technologies. Jhomel Fernandez, happily married, has been with Dev Partners for almost four years now and is currently working for NZ Financial Services Group, New Zealand. He is a full stack developer specializing in C#/.Net and Angular. His primary responsibility is to implement the ideas of the client, particularly adding new features of the application. He manages the entire development process from building of ideas to coding, testing, and deployment to production.

On joining Dev Partners

Jhomel learned about Dev Partners on Facebook. He initially applied as .Net API developer but was assigned to work as full stack developer. While the role was not his first choice, he acknowledges that it is part of his job.

Jhomel is currently working from home because of the pandemic. He said his work-life

balance improved when he started doing so. He then rates his work-life balance 9, given a scale of 1 to 10. He said working while his family is within reach is the greatest privilege of an employee. “It seems like you put love and security in one box with a fingerprint lock outside”, Jhomel said.

His hands might be full-on work and he acknowledges that it can be tiring but he’s very much happy and feels secure with his work.

On the things he’s thankful for in the company

When asked if he’s going to recommend Dev Partners to a friend, Jhomel immediately said yes. He said he loves working in the company as everything is in place from the management down to the clients. He also admires the process of introduction to clients and the environment setting as a whole.

When it comes to the resources to become efficient in the job, he got everything he needs when doing the tasks, he said. Everything is perfect for him at the moment.

Jhomel believes that the company’s environment is focused and so his simple advice to his teammates is to give their full commitment to the company and grow together.

Other things you should know about Jhomel

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine,” this is what Jhomel believes. True enough, you’ll never get to enjoy what you have at the moment when you always worry about what lies ahead.

When the day seems tough at work, he always thinks of his son. He uses it as a motivation to work so his family can have the good life they deserve. Whenever he is feeling stressed at the office or home, all he needs is to hug his son and say to himself “You can do it, do it now!”

Jhomel sees himself sitting in a chair and having coffee while managing his own business or company 10 years from now. He really loves learning about technology. He’s always excited to try the latest released programming language in his idle time.

Jhomel is also into Robotics. “I really love to try it but I'm still in the state of “when.” Learning robotics needs time, money, effort, and a lot of resources (hardware to software),” Jhomel said.

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