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Featured Team Member - Lalaine Domantay

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Meet Lalaine Domantay, our featured employee of the month. She is turning 33 this October, single, as she briefly introduced herself. She has been with Dev Partners for a year now. She got hired in August 2019 but started working in September 2019. Lalaine is currently working with TechStyle for one of their brands called Shoedazzle. She’s a ColdFusion developer and works with a team to maintain one of TechStyle’s brand sites


At the moment, she rates her work-life balance at 8, given the scale of 1-10. Lalaine describes it in a way because of easy access to work, it’s almost becoming an obsession to finish tasks right away, without realizing that they will just keep on coming!

Also, it’s harder to keep track of time when you’re just at home. She still doesn’t think that she’s a workaholic. If only we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, she’d be on a trip with friends now. Or maybe just planning for their next trip! And even though she’s always just at home now, Lalaine still try to do other productive stuff.

Work-life balance for her is when you’re able to dedicate time and effort for work and feel satisfied with it, without sacrificing any time that’s meant to be dedicated to fulfilling personal wants and needs.

When it comes to her role in meeting company objectives, she describes this as, “challenged enough that even though she knows she has exerted much effort, she still end up worrying about not giving enough”

She stated that “Sir Roland is very approachable. I think that’s something unique for a company CEO.”

Lalaine’s VIBES

When asked about her favorite quote, she mentioned, “The golden rule! Do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you. This is something I wish everyone applied even in little things.”

As to the factors that motivate her, thinking that she doesn’t disappoint anyone! For work - it’s her employer and teammates; For anything else - her loved ones!she’s also loving the work from home set-up.

When it comes to training and development, she is interested in anything related to music :D

For work, she says anything new. She wanted to go back to school someday, and maybe study to become an instructor.

What stresses her just "regular" tired :)) but the first thing that came to her mind about this question is COVID. There are also lesser options for stress-relieving activities because of COVID. Tired but fulfilled.


Remembering how she found out about Dev Partners, she said it was the recruitment team who reached out to her via LinkedIn and Upwork. “I responded through Upwork. At that time, I already had a very close friend working with Dev Partners for about a month. she said”.


Would she recommend working at Dev Partners to her friends? Yes, and this she has to say, “Dev Partners has been a promising employer from the start, and it keeps on improving. "

She likes that Dev Partners listens to employees’ needs and keeps on improving thus she doesn’t have any least favorite about the company.


Caring for clients, community, and the team is her core values.

Dev Partners’ workplace vibe although it isn’t applicable to her as she works remotely, she’s loving it.

As to her advice to her fellow teammates and employer, she can only say, For my Teammates: Work-life balance! To my Employer: Continue valuing employees the same way as clients are valued.”

She thinks that she has the right resources to make her work effectively.

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