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New normal mission push through for the RTV Foundation

A different kind of celebration was held last month for the 4th anniversary of Dev Partners. There was no event, crowd, or gathering. Instead, the company, went on a mission to support the Roland Torres Votacion Foundation in giving back to its many scholars embracing the “new normal” way of education.

The Department of Education, following the decision of the government, announced earlier this year that there would be no face-to-face classes happening for the entire school year to avoid the spread of COVID-19 to children in schools. They introduced online and blended methods of learning to aid the students.

In the new setup, parents, and students, even those living in a place where there is good and

secured access to the internet, admittedly struggle to keep up. Gadgets and connectivity devices are needed and not all can get immediate access to this. Students in rural areas are having a more difficult time adapting to the new normal setup because they have limited resources. In the mountains, internet signals are not always available. The foundation saw this struggle and decided to act and do something to ease the burden of the students.

Back in August, prior to the anniversary celebration, RTV Foundation and Dev Partners donated school essentials for its 365 scholars in Barangay Ganatan, Arakan, North Cotabato. The school packs that include basic school supplies were donated for Preschool to High School scholars. Hygiene kits that contain face masks and alcohols were provided.

The budget for the school fees of its college-level scholars was turned-over last August. To help the school with the distribution of activity kits for blended learning, the foundation has also donated brand new photocopier machines for the teachers of our adopted schools: Ganatan Elementary School and Ganatan High School.

The Foundation is forever grateful to the sponsors and donors who play a big role in helping the underprivileged children in the rural area to have access to education. The foundation is also working on extending its mission to other communities in the future and to grant 1,000 scholarships to underprivileged students.

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