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RTV Foundation and Dev Partners vow to support scholars in the time of pandemic

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

It has been more than 100 days since the community quarantine in the entire Philippines took effect. While the country is slowly loosening up its restrictions to help are suspended indefinitely.

According to the Department of Education here in the Philippines, face to face classes will remain suspended until a vaccine is made available to combat COVID-19. Dev Partners, amidst these difficult times, remains loyal to its scholars and will continue to do so until they graduate.

Despite the pandemic, 41 RTV Foundation scholars were still able to move up a milestone on their education ladder. Out of the 41, 27 graduated from Elementary, four graduated from Junior High School, nine graduated from Senior High School, and one graduate from College. While restrictions are still being enforced in the whole country and schools are unable to push through with actual moving up ceremonies, the resilience and perseverance of the students prevail.

In addition to supporting the scholars, RTV Foundation through Dev Partners will accommodate those who will be having their “On-the-job Training” or OJT through the Education to Employment Program. In the program, scholars will have the chance to experience an actual workplace, and they will be able to witness how experienced employees perform tasks. They will be supervised, trained, and be allowed to observe to get hands-on experience in a working environment they can be a part of in the future.

Schools are expected to open in August, adhering to the "new normal" and following the distance learning setup. At present, RTV Foundation and Dev Partners are coordinating with schools and parents to help and support scholars in this new and very challenging learning environment for the students.

Last year, the foundation distributed school bags filled with school supplies for the students through its support programs. And while pandemic abruptly changed many plans for 2020, the foundation will seek the best possible way to reach out and help.

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