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The Highlights - Dev Partners February 2021 Updates

While both the Front End and Back End developers were given their specific modules for their training. They have done well in their assessments for receiving an overall average passing rate of 75.67% for the whole year of 2020.

After reviewing the result, we've come to the conclusion that retraining our developers regarding Design Patterns and writing tests for the development is the focus for our 2021 Training. New calendar schedules will be provided to our developers including our QAs. It is our hope that they will participate in this training and upskilling effort provided by Dev Partners.

Dev Partners is also proud to say that our resources have met and even exceeded the client satisfaction we conducted before the end of the year 2020. Only less than 5% of our resources need to meet the client's satisfaction.

KUDOS is the rightful word we can tell our resources who had done a great job to their client.

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