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The Highlights - Dev Partners November 2020 Updates

Here is a monthly dose of news, updates, fun facts, and everything you need to know about Dev Partners.

Dev Partners to focus on soft skills training for the remaining months of the year

Amidst the current situation, it has been a fruitful and busy last few months for the training department. Employees continue to train and work as the company is seeing business as usual.

This November, the Dev0ps training is coming to an end. Excitement is in the air as well as the names of the 3rd quarter Upskilling Developers winners will be announced this month.

As for the last two months of this year, the focus will be on soft skills development for the employees. While most of the employees are confident in their communication skills, the company is still encouraging everyone to spare a little of their time watching modules by following the category sequence of training provided to them a few months ago.

Before learning the core concepts of communication, one has to develop confidence through Personality Development in order to communicate effectively. Employees must also know the basics first before learning the science of leadership by understanding work ethics then to the leadership training. This is what the company wants to instill to every employee during training.


Pandemic trivia you should know about

80% of people infected with COVID19 develop only mild or moderate symptoms. This is according to the World Health Organization.

By wearing mask and staying at least 3 feet of 1 meter apart from someone who is exhibiting symptoms, you can well-protect yourself from catching it.

Governments from all over the world pledged at least $3 trillion to counter the economic shock brought about by the virus.

17 Major Companies announced that their employees can work from home long term, if not permanently. Some of these companies include Google, Microsoft, Zillow, Twitter, Square, Facebook, and Amazon.

The teleconferencing company Zoom has seen a massive increase in profits as more people are working from home. It has made $27 million in the first quarter and sales are still expecting to double.

Quote to Inspire

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” - Ken Blanchard

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