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It’s business as usual for Dev Partners despite the quarantine

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Most of the regions in the Philippines are still on a lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Since the start of the quarantine period, the government asked both public and private companies to operate on a skeletal workforce and allow most of their employees to work from home. But many did find the idea challenging as not everybody is prepared. Secure internet connections, lack of proper equipment, and digital miscommunications are just some of the problems often encountered in a work-from-home setup. We at Dev Partners are one of the few companies who are fortunate enough to continue normal operations despite restrictions that the lockdown brought.

Since the company started in 2016, Dev Partners has provided its employees the option to work from home. We have put up guidelines and policies so that everyone in the office and at home can collaborate and work harmoniously. This has been one of the edges of the company ever since, so we're able to adapt quickly to the “new normal”.

Continuous training and development

Everything is going smoothly as well, training wise. Our Frontend developers have recently

completed their training for the SOLID Principles Object Oriented Design Architecture, and the Modern React with Redux. Our Backend developers, on the other hand, have completed REST APIs, Test-Driven Development (TDD),

Refactoring to Design Patterns, and recently, the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) al for C# language.

This May, our Frontend developers are pushing to complete their training with React Testing using Jest and reach testing libraries that include react-hooks, jest-dome, user-event, and cypress. They are also training specifically for Typescript to learn its fundamentals and design patterns, among others. Our Back-end developers, however, are gearing up to complete training with unit testing using xUnit, and training that includes asynchronous programming involving Task Parallel Library and CancellationToken, and other likes Generics, Events, and Delegates.

Company adhering to safety guidelines

While it’s business as usual for Dev Partners and its employees, we make sure to check on our team’s well-being amidst the pandemic regularly. At present, all of us are working and training from home. All our developers are equipped with the necessary materials and equipment they need to meet various work goals and deadlines. We also keep our lines of communication open by conducting regular online meetings.

As work resumes in the office in the coming month, we are dedicated to strictly observe minimum health standards for the safety of everyone. But now, we are comfortable and always ready to work from the comforts of our home.

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