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Effective Onboarding Strategies for Augmented IT Staff: Ensuring a Smooth Integration

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Augmented IT staff such as contractors, freelancers, and remote employees can offer specialized knowledge and expertise to help your internal teams. However, a thorough onboarding procedure is needed to successfully integrate new remote members into your organization's IT environment.

This article discusses the value of onboarding for augmented IT staff and offers tips for creating and putting into practice efficient onboarding procedures.

Your organization can optimize the value and productivity of your augmented IT staff by creating a favorable environment, fostering relationships, offering thorough training, assessing and modifying techniques, and putting a strong emphasis on retention.

Benefits of Effective Onboarding

Effective onboarding not only speeds up the process of integrating augmented IT staff but also provides significant benefits.

Firstly, it helps new hires quickly understand their roles and responsibilities. This allows them to contribute meaningfully from day one. Proper onboarding also facilitates a smooth transition into the company culture, creating a sense of belonging and motivation.

A well-executed onboarding program boosts employee retention and reduces turnover. According to a research by Brandon Hall Group, organizations with effective onboarding strategies increase employee productivity by 83%. In addition to that, it can also help increase productivity by 70%.

Strategies for Effective Onboarding of Augmented IT Staff

A. Creating an Effective Onboarding Program for Augmented IT Staff

Customized Onboarding Plans

A one-size-fits-all onboarding strategy is rarely successful because every hiring scenario is different. Thus, it is essential to customize the onboarding procedure based on the unique project requirements and skills of the augmented IT staff.

However, the biggest challenge with personalization involves the challenge of gaining insight quickly from gathered data (40%). Therefore, it is important to conduct a thorough evaluation of the new hire’s knowledge, experiences, and familiarity with your technological stack before they even set foot inside the company. Leverage the said data to create a personalized onboarding plan that concentrates on bridging knowledge gaps and matching their talents to the project's requirements.

Additionally, make sure to establish clear lines of communication with the augmented IT staff before their start date.

This pre-onboarding communication not only helps them mentally prepare for the role but also demonstrates the organization's commitment to their success.

B. Providing Comprehensive Training and Support for Augmented IT Staff

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Providing Comprehensive Training and Support for Augmented IT Staff

Comprehensive Orientation

Structured onboarding programs can make employees 69% more likely to stay within an organization for 3 years. To kick off a comprehensive onboarding process, organize a thorough orientation that addresses both organizational and technical aspects.

  • Give a summary of the company's mission, values, and long-term objectives.

  • Educate your expanded team on your organization's specific IT infrastructure, software, coding standards, and best practices.

With this dual strategy, it is ensured that augmented IT staff members understand not only the project they are working on but also its significance within the larger business context.

Clear Project Roadmaps

Clear project roadmaps are essential for efficient onboarding since they give augmented IT staff a clear path to understand their duties.

  • Set clear expectations by providing augmented IT staff with detailed project roadmaps and goals.

  • Clearly outline their roles, responsibilities, and deliverables within these projects.

This clarity reduces ambiguity and allows them to focus on making meaningful contributions without second-guessing their role within the team.

Hands-On Training

Hands-on training and job shadowing emerge as effective onboarding strategies for augmented IT staff due to their observable effects on skill development and integration. Newcomers are exposed to real-world situations during hands-on training, which helps them quickly pick up practical intricacies in a safe setting. This strategy boosts their self-assurance and gets them ready for project work.

On the other hand, job shadowing enables employees to watch seasoned colleagues in action and gain understanding of the workplace environment, workflows, and collaborative dynamic. This first-hand experience shortens the learning curve and encourages a deeper comprehension of the intricate workings of the organization.

When these tactics are used together, the integration process is optimized, encouraging fluid communication, increased output, and a better sense of teamwork.

C. Engaging New Augmented IT Staff: Building Connections and Rapport

Buddy System

With so many onboarding requirements to meet, it makes sense that about 56% of new hires prefer to have a mentor or buddy to guide them through.

With this, it’s important that each augmented IT staff be paired with an internal "buddy" from the existing team. A buddy can serve as a mentor, a guide, and a point of contact for any questions or issues.

By giving new employees immediate access to information about the organization's procedures and practices, the buddy system develops a sense of belonging, assists them in navigating the internal dynamics, and shortens their learning curve.

A group of people having a discussion
The Buddy System

Cultural Integration

Integration is not just about technical proficiency; it's also about fitting into the organizational culture. To promote camaraderie, involve the new hire in team-building activities, social gatherings, and meetings.

Strong senses of belonging inspire people to work together and fully commit to the organization's objectives. In fact, a Forbes article suggests that company culture doesn’t just impact the well-being of employees but also affects overall productivity.

D. Evaluating and Adjusting Onboarding Strategies for Continuous Improvement

Regular Feedback Loops

Throughout the onboarding process, consistent feedback holds significant importance. Surprisingly, only 45% of organizations measure the efficacy of their onboarding programs.

Failing to assess your onboarding's impact prevents the ability to recognize areas for improvement. It's important to:

  • Schedule regular check-ins involving augmented IT staff, their mentors, and project managers.

  • Identify aspects needing refinement for new hires and implement necessary adjustments.

  • Constructive feedback aids individuals in understanding their growth trajectory.

Promoting open communication channels further underscores the organization's commitment to employee advancement.

Long-Term Relationship Building

It's important to continue nurturing the relationship with augmented IT staff beyond their initial integration. Offer continuous learning opportunities, encourage participation in knowledge-sharing sessions, and involve them in innovation initiatives.

Investing in their growth demonstrates a commitment to their long-term success within the organization.

Working Seamlessly with Augmented IT Staff

Mastering the onboarding process for augmented IT staff is instrumental in reaping the full benefits of their expertise.

By adopting a multifaceted approach that encompasses tailored plans, pre-onboarding communication, hands-on training, and fostering a culture of feedback, organizations can seamlessly integrate augmented staff and drive innovation.

At Dev Partners, we don’t only leverage effective recruitment strategies, but we also make sure to follow through with a well-executed onboarding process for your extended team.

A group of people having a discussion.
Working Seamlessly with Augmented IT Staff

Our commitment to success is not just a statement but a practice deeply ingrained in our operations. Unlike conventional offshore providers, we believe in personalized and tailored solutions that align with the distinctive requirements of our clients.

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