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How to Leverage Effective Recruitment Strategies for IT Staff Augmentation

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

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How to Leverage Effective Recruitment Strategies for IT Staff Augmentation

Businesses are currently under immense pressure to evolve and adapt to the modern needs of the digital era. A market analysis from 2016-2019 showed that US employers were only able to hire six for every 10 open tech positions. Additionally, the rising demand for tech talent is expected to reach around 9 million by 2030.

However, finding and recruiting such in-demand talents aren’t exactly a walk in the park. This is where IT staff augmentation through staffing companies can play as a strategic solution.

What exactly is IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation refers to the practice of expanding an existing workforce with expert and specialized IT professionals. This can be on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on the requirements. Often, the talent works remotely or even in other countries. This can be done by carefully identifying the specific skill sets needed and partnering with reputable staffing companies.

When businesses employ this recruiting strategy, they can quickly scale their teams and adapt to the changing requirements of the industry. The synergy between staff augmentation and staffing companies is crucial to achieve effective recruitment practices.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of staffing services and why it is important for IT staff augmentation.

Benefits of Staffing Services

Outstaffing services, also known as staff augmentation, bring about a range of benefits for businesses and organizations. Leveraging the said services can help organizations address the continuously changing demands of today’s technological landscape whilst still gaining a competitive advantage.

Here are the benefits of employing staff recruitment through staffing and IT recruiting companies:

  • Access wide range of highly-skilled IT professionals

Staffing services provide access to a vast talent pool of top-notch IT professionals whether it’s software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, and other domains. Businesses can tap into a diverse range of skills and experience tailored to their needs to ensure the best fit.

  • Tap into specialized expertise to augment existing teams

Through the aid of recruitment services, businesses can significantly reduce the time it takes to assemble a skilled team. They can tap into a diverse market of pre-vetted professionals to ramp up their existing teams.

  • Define and implement specific project requirements

Outstaffing offers flexibility and scalability that allows for agile and efficient resource allocation. Organizations can easily adjust the team size and composition based on the project requirements.

  • Reduce recruitment costs and other operational expenses

Cost-effectiveness is the primary advantage of outstaffing. Businesses can ultimately ward off costs related to recruitment, onboarding, and training of new members. In addition to that, they can eliminate operational costs for office space and other related expenses.

Best Practices in Staff Recruitment Services

Along with the remarkable benefits of engaging in IT staff augmentation services comes several recommended techniques that will surely boost team recruitment.

  • Clear Job Requirements

Defining the job requirements as well as the skills and qualifications needed for the role is very important in order to kickstart the evaluation process. For example, clearly stating the needed proficiency in specific programming languages and a certain number of years of work experience for a software developer position.

  • Effective Sourcing

To attract the most suitable candidates, it’s vital to implement targeted sourcing strategies. This can be done by using various channels such as online job boards, professional networking sites, social media platforms, and other industry-specific forums to reach potential talents.

  • Streamlined Selection Process

By conducting a comprehensive screening process, you can assess the candidate’s proficiency by requesting a portfolio of their previous projects or giving technical assessments of their skills. Aside from that, it is important to conduct an interview that covers both technical and behavioral aspects.

  • Effective Collaboration with Staffing Service

It is equally essential to foster a good collaboration with the recruitment team and hiring managers to update each other on candidate evaluations and regularly make feedback for informed decisions.

Different IT Recruitment Companies in PH vs Dev Partners Studies reveal that 52% of small businesses in 2023 will regularly use a professional firm or agency when hiring resources, especially in marketing, IT services, and design.

As Philippines rise up to the list of best options for IT recruitment, different staffing companies are now in close competition. Here are some of the recruiting companies in the country and their focus areas:

  • Dev Partners - Specialized in software development and other tech-based resources

  • Remote Staff - Wide range of IT roles and VA expertise

  • MicroSourcing - Flexible staffing solutions

  • Booth & Partners - Focuses in offshore staffing and virtual teams

Dev Partners, as one of the leading IT recruitment companies in the Philippines take pride in their unique approach on providing reliable tech resources.

Dev Partners

Wide range of IT roles and specializes in software development


Streamlined recruitment process tailored to client needs


Continuous opportunities for upskilling and training plans


Inclusive rates and rewards for long-term members


Extended performance evaluation


Dynamic and supportive culture


Why Choose Outstaffing for your IT Staff Augmentation

With outstaffing, you have flexibility in the number of dedicated employees you hire while still having full control and access to the team members and the overall software development process. For example, suppose your team landed a big project to be delivered in the next 2 months, what will be your next steps?

For sure, going through the whole recruitment process to get someone on board and help with the project could at most take you a month. This will affect your delivery timeline and may even cost you to lose the project. This is where IT staff augmentation gets to be the best solution. You don’t have to worry about screening numerous profiles, negotiating pay scales, and onboarding the new employee.

Just reach out to an outstaffing company with your specific needs and they’ll be the one to get you the best fit. Dev Partners, one of the staffing companies focusing on staff augmentation can help you.

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