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Featured Team Member - Allan Macatingrao

This is Allan Macatingrao, our Featured Team Member of the month. He’s 34 years old, single and from Lupi, Camarines Sur. He is our iOS developer. He’s the one who implements new App features and web integration through REST. He also works on UI and maintains existing codes. He’s also involved in making decisions during client meetings.

Allan dreams of having a job that will make a difference and bring a huge impact to other

people’s lives. He also wishes to live a simple and peaceful life, far from the city. To have his own small and self-sustained eco-friendly house with a vegetable garden and free-range live stocks. Our featured employee also enjoys the beach.

Allan believes that to be successful, we should only focus on what really matters. His inspiration comes from his family, friends and his passionate team.

How did he end up in this career?

As a child, Allan is very fascinated with video games. As a matter of fact, he loves playing Super Mario. This fascination grew to curiosity on how video games were made. He started writing codes (Turbo C++) when he got into high school. Later on, he decided to take BS in Information and Technology at a University and got his first job as an Android Developer. After graduating, he landed his first job as an IOS Developer.

His Dev Partners Story

After leaving his first job, Allan planned to try a different work set-up as he wanted to work from home on a flexible schedule. After two months, Allan was contacted by our recruitment team to join Dev Partners on a flexible schedule and immediately said yes.

Currently, he’s very happy with his job and with sharing his ideas with his colleagues. The things that he loved most are doing his role as an IOS Developer which brings out his creativity and being able to work at home with his family.

For him, Dev Partners is a company where you can find meaningful work. He appreciates how the company treats its employees and said that the management is nice to work with, supportive, accommodating, and kind.

“Through Dev Partners I have the opportunity to help and share my knowledge with various companies (clients) and learn about different cultures.”, according to him.


Final Thoughts

“Through my work, I can help my family and friends, and fulfill each step towards my

Dream.” - Allan Macatingrao

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